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Friday, September 11, 2009

tRaGic eXpEriEncE

Salam and greetings to all..

Today I faced with a tragic experience, on my way to physics lecture. I’m lucky because God still love me and save my life. If not, I don’t know what happen to me right now!!
Actually, the incident happen in front of my faculty, I was walking at that time when suddenly a bus came too near to me, even though at that time I walked at the side of traffic, special to a walker. I almost being the victim of an accident attack with the bus. Huhu.. luckily, my friends, Fit and Adnie quickly grab my hand away from the bus.

I don’t know what the driver was thinking at that time until he run away from the track and almost hit me!! What I can see after that ‘ few seconds incident’ was the driver looks very relief, same as me, because the accident was not happened.

Just imagine, if the accident really happen, where am I right now?? Thank GOD, I still alive and still can breathe with this fresh air until now!! Huhu..

A remember for me to always be careful anytime, anywhere..

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