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Thursday, September 10, 2009

meEt mY twiN..

Salam and greetings to all..

TWIN?? When I have a twin?? Haha.. actually, here I got a friend. Her name is Hajar. She was born on 16 July 1990, a day after I was born.. the funny is, all my classmate here call us as a twin.. they said, our face are lookalike, same with our attitude too.. huhu.. really?? I’m not too sure.. hehehe.. she comes from Johor and I comes from Kelantan, how can we be twin?? Hehe..

Actually.., Hajar is the first person to call me ‘Ida’, a name that I’m never predicted!! I suggest my nickname is ‘Zahid’, but she told me that name not suitable with me. So, she wants to call me Ida.. easy for her to call my name.. whatever..
amazingly, other people likes to call me Ida rather than Zahid.. I don’t know why??
Haha..errkk.. wrong topic..

Hajar is kind-hearted, helpful and friendly. I like to have a friend like her.. actually, before she join PALAPES or ROTU, she stayed at Melati, but, when she joined ROTU, she need to move on to Teratai.. but, we still together to everywhere..
What can I said here is, Hajar is same with Kak Ima, my best friend at matriculation level..

Just take a look at our picture, do we the same?? Or can we be called as a twin?? Think it by yourself!!

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