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Monday, September 7, 2009

15 Ramadhan.. In MeMoRy..





15 Ramadan
the date remind me of someone, my late uncle.. he’s died because of an accident in front of his stall. This tragic accident happened last year. Huhu.. unfortunately, I was studying at the matriculation level and have no way to go home..
on that day, I was on my way to the chemistry lecture when my sister call me from home and told me that my uncle had died, because of an accident. When I heard that, I have no feeling at all… I still can say that’s not true. She lied to me.. I can’t accept to what she had told me.. I’m not believe that!! But, when she suddenly cried and told me again, I can feel something came out from my eyes.. I start to cry.. I can feel that she told the truth.. she’s strong than me, she said to me to pray to Allah and not crying a lot.. also, be patient to what was just happen.. after that, I have nothing to do.. in my mind, I just think about one thing, is that true what my sis told me just now?? Although I think I can accept that bad news, I still in shock and hope time will reverse back.. I want to thought that it just only a nightmare… my uncle still alive.. my sis had only make a fool joke for me..
suddenly I came back to reality.. we are only a travel who just stop at this earth for a while.. our journey still long.. anytime, anywhere, we will meet our creator, we just only wait for the time..
after that, I just go to the class, but without any feeling to study anymore.. in the lecture hall, once again, I got a call, that from my dad, just to tell me the same news.. huhuhu.. I start to cry again.. and seriously, I can’t concentrate to what on the lecturer taught that day..
at the evening, I call my mom, and ask her what actually happened.. she told me that my late uncle had collided with a lorry when he want to cross the road, after Zuhur prayer.. it occurred in a few second, no one realize that, but, it sound like something had collide with that lorry. So, one of the villager take a look under the lorry and saw someone under the lorry with a serious injury. All the villagers cooperate to move out the victim, and they shock when they saw the victim was my late uncle.. because of my grandmother’s house near to the accident place, they called my grandmother and she quickly go to that place.. at that time, my brother also on his way to my grandmother’s house, but he don’t know what happen, he just saw many people there. He expert that there were a road accident there, and quickly go there.. he also shock when saw the victim.. quickly, with the help of the villagers, my late uncle had been send to the hospital.. at that time he was unconscious, but still alive..
fortunately, my dad still in his working time and as he works at that hospital, he control and follow up everything.., when my late uncle reached the hospital and at the emergency zone, he was given all the treatment, for awhile he showed the positive result, all happy with the result.. suddenly, he turns to unconscious.. the doctor try to save him, but, Allah love him more.. he aren’t be save by the doctor..
pity of his child, my late uncle had five children. The youngest is only 14 months old. When her father passed away, she was only 2 months.. huhuhu.. 2 of his child, Along and Angah now live with my family.. what can I say here is, we don’t know how long we will live and breadth with this fresh environment.. thank to God for all the things we get today..

Al-Fatihah for the late Mohd Susi Bin Ismail, a great, patient, and kind-hearted uncle..

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