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Thursday, September 24, 2009

1 sYaWaL 1430H

Salam and greetings to all.

second year of syawal without someone important in my life.. i'm really-really feel the difference of the Eid without him.. huhu.. if i could rewind the time, i wish all that accident not happened.. huhu.. by the way, life must go on.. we should not regret with what had happened..

1st day of syawal.. as usual, we do the prayer at the mosque near to my grandmother's house. praise to God, our family still can get together at this syawal.. huhu.. but, this year my father had to go to work eventhough this is a winner day for Muslims, what can we do??.. as usual, after prayer, my family, cousins,uncles, aunts gather at my grandmother's house.. i hope this tradition will forever until my last breath..huhu.. love my big family very much!!
we spend our time together chatting, jokings and enjoy our special meal "Nasi Dagang" together..
then, the time to collect "duit raya" is the most waiting time.. as for me, i'll give my youngest siblings to get the "duit raya" first.. hehehe.. a good sister role on me.. haha

a queue to get "duit raya"

"duit raya" from a new engineer

then, we moved to our uncle's house, at the back of my grandmom's house.. hehe.. i'm happy there because i've got "duit raya" from a new engineer, my cousin.. haha.. he gave me more than what my other cousin got! maybe he not realise that he gave me twice!! no matter what, i got "duit raya" too.. haha..
because of my father are working today, we are not going anywhere.. just stay at home waiting for the guests..huhu.. hope next year we can celebrate Eid together in a family..
~Salam Eidulfitri~


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