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Thursday, September 17, 2009

EiFfeL ToWeR..

Salam and Greetings to all....
Today I got an Eiffel tower key-chain from Miss Aznin, my lecturer.. huhu.. it’s been long time for me received a present from the one who I respect!! You know why I got this special present?? Actually, I get higher marks in the second test.. totally surprised, because of, I think I’m not answer the question correctly, I mean, I’m not sure what have I done on the test. This is the greatest and the most valuable present I got!!
After all happen to me, I’m very grateful with what I had got today.. without God and parents blessing, I’m not sure I still can go through with all the situation until today!! Thank God.
The lesson I got today, always respect the lecturer no matter what they do for you, actually, they want you to success.. pay attention, always pray to the God, and the most important is, obey your parents, because they are the one who always care for you!!
Until then, success will always come to you..
Thank a lot miss, I will always do my great effort to get what you want!!

the cute Eiffel Tower!!

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