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Monday, September 7, 2009

MaahaDiaN..5Sc 2..

it’s true that, a secondary school is the most memorable in this live.. secondary school teach us to be what are we right now.. 5 years experience teach us everything.. so am I.. really-really miss the secondary time.. huhu.. a lot of memory was created..
reunion of 5Sc2 batch 07.. was made a day after SPM exam.. two years ago, but still fresh in my memories.. I miss u all so much.. huhu.. lots of things happen, make our friendship forever.. Fariehan and Hazimah, two dedicated class monitor and assistant monitor, always cooperate to make 5Sc2 on the top of rank.. even though we are not as special as 5Sc1. We stick together from 4Sc 2 until end of year at 5Sc 2..
Radhiyah, Maryam, Atikah, Athirah, Kak Amalina, Kak Najwa, Hamizah, Raihan, Kak Nuha, Syifa’ Syazana, syafiah, Kak Su, Taz, Cheer, Izat, Kak farhah, Khalisah, Fie, Hapsah, Nor Aisyah, Yati, Syida, Bibi, Hayatul,faz, syakirah, Fuzah, Abdah,Arijan, Siti Aisyah..
Always in my heart..
As we go on.. we remember.. all the time that we had together.. as our life change, comes whatever, we still be friends forever..


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