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Monday, September 7, 2009

'SkuaD LePaK- LePak'

Skuad Lepak-Lepak on Fit's Birthday!!

Salam and greetings to all..
Hmmmm… today I want to introduce the ‘skuad Lepak-Lepak’.. what’s that?? Hehe..
‘Skuad Lepak-Lepak’ or SLL.. names of our own group in the Civil Defense.. consists of seven havoc members, Wani, Eryn, Ain, Sya, Sarah, Fit and me..this group was created when we joined the camping at Perting Valley Adventures camp, Pahang.. amazingly, we are famous among all the students who also joined the 3 days 2 night camp, until we are being jealous by other members.. huhuhu..
Wherever we go, we are easy to recognized by others, maybe because of our trademark, and sign, ‘Lepak-Lepak’.. until Tok Wan, one of the commander known our group. Hehe.. actually, Tok Wan known Sarah only because of an incident, but with the havoc of another members, SLL being the famous group.. hehehe..
Say ‘lepak-lepak’ for the ‘Skuad lepak-Lepak’..

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