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Sunday, May 8, 2011


salam and greetings to all..
Is today is Mother's day??
Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mum.. Umi.. I wish Umi read this.

Today, yesterday.. a day  before yesterday.. almost all my Facebook friends changed their profile picture with their lovely mum.. only me (I guest) didn't to that, instead I changed it to a picture of my cute little cousin..
They said, it as a campaign.

Not changing the profile picture doesn't mean that I don't love my  Umi.. I love her very much. Nothing can change my love to her..
It's because picture of my  beloved Umi always in my heart.. so, I can see her wherever I go, whatever I do in every time every seconds..
Umi is a great person! 
Seriously I admit this.
She's the one I find if I'm facing with a problem..
even I'm tension in study, I will make a call to her..
Once I can hear her voice, I can feel that I get my spirit again.
Not only that, if I have something to share, I will tell her..

She even had cried for me! 
Once when I got 9A for my PMR 
that day will always in my memories.
She cried because she was happy..

many times she cried if I call her and told her that I can't solve the problems..
She told me to be strong and always remember Allah...
yes, she's  the one that always give advise like that..

Ok I'm speechless.. 
don't know what to say anymore..
last words..
Happy Mother's day, Happy Teacher's day.. and Happy Birthday to  Umi, Kamariah Bt Ismail..
all days are mother's days..
Love you forever and ever..

p/s: I already have  picture of my beloved Umi somewhere in this blog.
May is a month for Mom..especially Umi..
I hope I can make her cry for happiness when see my University result...
 throughout my life..
my mom had done so many things for me..

  ++~ gambatte!!~++ ♥♥♥

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