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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Salam and greetings to all..

Today 21 May 2011.
Only a few days left before I start my practical training..
Even this year all university in Malaysia will start a new semester on September, but not for me.
I have a practical training for 3 months! It will start on 30 May 2011 and will end on 19 August 2011..
Just a few days before Eidulfitri..

So, instead of 4 months holiday, I just only have a  few weeks of holiday..
But, it nice already..
I'm happy when I can see all my family..
I also think if I have 4 months holiday, what should I do?
so, this practical training can safe me from 4 months bored at home....

holiday at beach.. awesome!

Hopefully I can do the best during  practical...

p/s: want to go to holiday at all islands in Malaysia..
 ++~ gambatte!!~++ ♥♥♥