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Monday, May 2, 2011

Andai aku di sisi Mu...

salam and greetings to all

Andai Aku di sisiMu...

Nasyid song by Hafiz Hamidun..  i'm fall in love with this song, when he first sang it at Festival Mawar Indah dan Anggun (FEMINA).
actually, i'm not a fanatic fan of him, but time by time, I can feel that I like almost all his song.. hehe..
ONLY the SONG ok!
by the way, his song is really really good. 
It make me feel that I'm not alone. If I feel sad, this song can make me happy and realize that Allah SWT is the Most Merciful
just enjoy it!

p/s: wanna go home!!....

really-really miss this big family of me... ♥ (not all the family members in this picture)
++~ gambatte!!~++ ♥♥♥

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